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Quote of the day

I was listening to some local sports talk (104.3 The Fan) on the way in today. I figured with the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs and the Colorado Rockies in a key stretch of home games, there should be plenty to talk about. And there was: the NFL draft and who the Broncos selected in the 2nd round, of course! Nevertheless, that discussion reached an interesting moment where hosts Mike Evans and Joel Klatt were debating the validity of in-depth analysis in the days following the draft. Evans said something about how he is skeptical of such strong opinions when so little is actually known about the league’s newest players. Klatt delivered the following gem as a rebuttal:

“So, instead of strong opinions I should have wishy-washy opinions. Of course an opinion is strong. My opinion is what I think.”

Here’s the thing: I have, as many of you know, attempted some podcasts on the Kane Sports Network. Even with the option to edit what I say, I talk myself into a corner pretty frequently as I try to justify my opinions. So I hesitate to be too hard on him for saying something that sounds that stupid. Having provided that nice little qualifier, I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy my Monday morning that much more because I got to giggle at somebody saying, in all seriousness, “My opinion is what I think.” 


NBA Playoffs under way: The worst news for everybody, including non-Bulls fans, is the injury to Derrick Rose that ended his season and any hopes he had of playing in the 2012 Olympics. The worst news for Celtics fans is not that they lost game 1 to the Atlanta Hawks, but that Rajon Rondo tripped and bumped an official, risking a suspension. The L.A. Clippers completed one of the greatest comebacks in recent memory to stun the Memphis Grizzlies. Kevin Durant continued his charge to claim the 2012 season for the Thunder with an unbelievably difficult game winner to defeat the Mavericks 99-98.

In less exciting action, the Heat pounded the Knicks, the Lakers pounded the Nuggets, the Spurs pounded the Jazz, and the Magic beat the Pacers. Andrew Bynum tied a playoff record with 10 blocks in a triple double in the Lakers victory, but I don’t want to talk about it.

My official recommendations if you are looking for a team to cheer for are: the Orlando Magic, because it would be awesome if they played hard for Stan Van Gundy and made a run sans Dwight Howard, and the Memphis Grizzlies, because the Chris Paul love fest after last night’s comeback makes me nauseated.

Around baseball: Drama continues in Los Angeles, as both teams continue to surprise with their early records. The Angels are still bad and the Dodgers are still good. What makes the Dodgers especially scary is the fact that they have the best hitter and arguably the best pitcher in the National League. You know those two will be studs; if the rest of the team keeps it up, then they will continue to have a damn good team.

In a weekend showdown between elite teams, the Texas Rangers dropped their first series of the season to the Tampa Bay Rays. Even with the loss, the Rangers are officially a powerhouse in a transformation from bankrupt to a big market team with a huge payroll that still baffles me. As for the Rays? They just keep doing what they do. Really good, really smart baseball on a budget. If only the folks in Tampa would notice…

The other notable series over the weekend included the aforementioned Dodgers taking 2 of 3 from the Washington Nationals, who dropped Saturday and Sunday’s games despite the arrival of super-prospect Bryce Harper, and the New York Yankees winning a series against the Detroit Tigers.

Oh by the way, the Baltimore Orioles are holding strong in first place. QUICK – name three Orioles. And Buck Showalter doesn’t count…

This is seriously crazy

A high school pitcher hit a bird:

Remember Randy Johnson did the same thing once:

And here are some reads…have a great Monday!

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