More proof that Minnesota sports teams are cursed


Two items that have recently been in the news in the sporting world confirm that Minnesota’s professional sports teams are cursed.

In case you do not know what I am referring to, here are the cliff notes: When Brad Childress sold his soul and mortgaged the future of the Minnesota Vikings to acquire a 40 year old Brett Favre, he also cursed all of the sports teams in the state for the foreseeable future. Nobody knew it at the time, but it all makes sense now. All of the teams are now terrible. Adrian Peterson blew out his knee. Ricky Rubio blew out his knee. Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer cannot stay healthy. And so on… 

It’s the only explanation.

Now Percy Harvin, an elite wide receiver and probably the best (healthy) player on the Vikings, has formally requested a trade. He provided no explanation, but it’s presumably because the team is terrible. Which is not fair, by the way. They took a chance on Harvin and have been patient with his injury troubles. There’s no way he comes out of this looking like anything other than a selfish jerk.

His only saving grace is the Brett Favre curse – maybe it is clouding his thinking.

When R.A. Dickey pitched for the Minnesota Twins, he was bad. In 2009 he logged only 64.1 innings and started exactly one game. He logged a horrific 1.617 WHIP and an equally discouraging 42/30 strikeout to walk ratio. To call him a long reliever would be generous; to call him an ineffective mop-up guy would be more accurate. The Twins had absolutely no indication, based on that season or any of his previous ones, that he would someday morph into a useful pitcher.

Dickey’s record, as a starting pitcher for the New York Mets, sits at 11-1. He has a microscopic 0.887 WHIP and just completed back-to-back one hit shutouts. He has 103 K’s against 20 walks. He is also a successful author and brings a certain measure of off-the-field fame as a result. The guy is a star.

Meanwhile the Twins are absolutely starved for pitching, especially a staff ace who can eat up innings and stop losing streaks. If only they had known…

But really, they had no way to know. Because he is good for one reason.

The curse.

Poor Minnesota. Look at it this way: at least the Twins have better pitching than the Colorado Rockies.


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