My favorite things right now – 12/26/11

Here are some of my favorite things right now. There are seven of them.

7. Arron Afflalo

Colorado fans have dealt with enough jerks in the last few years (see Anthony, Carmelo and Cutler, Jay). Certainly Timothy Richard’s personality is a welcome change, but he is hardly soft spoken. Afflalo is; he quietly leads and plays well, and that makes him one of my favorite Colorado athletes right now. I am very happy he stayed with the Nuggets.

6. The Ricky Gervais Show

It’s animated and they laugh a lot. It’s my favorite show at the moment, especially because I imagine it’s only a matter of time until Mark and I are funny enough on a weekly basis that somebody will want to make our podcasts into an animated television show. We would look good as cartoons.


5. Nene

He has been a Nugget for his whole career, so I am glad to see him stay. The core of Nene, Afflalo, and Ty Lawson has a lot of promise.

4. Joe Buck’s Twitter account

For reasons that are not totally clear to me, Joe Buck is a rather polarizing figure. People keep trying to bury him with hurtful tweets, and he keeps providing snarky responses. Twitter nation…are you not entertained? He also has a really funny picture for his account. It looks like he took it himself on his cell phone, much like a high school girl’s Facebook picture. Come on Joe…grab a pic from Fox’s website or something.

3. Fantasy football

I also hate it. More on this shortly…

2. Gift Cards

Some people think gift cards are not “thoughtful gifts.” Those people are wrong, because gift cards are awesome.

1. The Denver Broncos

We’ve been here before. With about three weeks left in the season it looks like the Broncos have their foot in the door to win the AFC West and host a playoff game. They then lose 3 straight or 4 straight and another team (the Chargers) nudges in ahead of them. It happened with Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler. It happened with Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton. Now it might happen with John Fox and Tim Tebow. 

So why would I be excited about the Broncos being faced with this situation again? Because this is Timothy Richard’s chance to show us he’s as clutch as we all naively think he is. Win this game, at home, coming off a terrible loss, and you’re in the playoffs. If he is who we think he is, Tebow should thrive in that situation. Will he? That question makes the upcoming week 17 game against the Chiefs awfully exciting, so I’m going to enjoy the build up…although it is a distinct possibility that the Denver Broncos will not be on this list one week from today.

Here are things I don’t like right now…there are only two of them:

2. Fantasy football

I’ll spare you the details, but I’m in the championship, I’ve never won the league before, and I have a lead that’s certainly not big enough entering tonight’s game. I know fantasy football is trivial and not worth stressing about…but I’m guessing I’ll forget that tonight. Ugh…

1. Twitter Feuds

A while ago I had my first Twitter feud. Really it was more of a misunderstanding…at least I would like to think so. I’m not very controversial and certainly I am not very confrontational. So I figured that a conflict on Twitter would never really be an issue for me…and certainly not with a professional athlete. I was wrong.

I offended Denard Span! Yes, the outfielder for the Twins…the other team I cheer for besides the Rockies. I really like Denard Span. As you can imagine, this really bothered me.

So here’s the not-that-exciting blow by blow of what happened. Span tweeted that he was a “lil sad and disturbed” that Michael Cuddyer left for the Rockies because Cuddyer is a class act. A nice sentiment, to be sure, but I went English major on him and clung to the word “disturbed.” I thought it was a layered word that implied something more, like he disagreed with the organization or the way he left or something. I thought it gestured towards something more than a surface reaction of “feeling sad.”

I know what you’re thinking: you got all that from one word in a 140 character tweet? Really? …

…shut up.

Anyway, I decided to ask him, Twitter style, a one word follow-up question.

Like this: “Disturbed?”

To which he replied…

@thisisdspan: u don’t know what disturbed means?


If I was somebody else I might just laugh it off. But I couldn’t. I really hate conflicts. Even petty meaningless social media conflicts. So I tried to explain that I just got hung up on the one word because I thought it stuck out or did not fit or whatever. I also asked my friend Mark to tweet at DSpan that I’m really an OK guy. I bugged him enough that he told me it was OK, explaining that he was not upset with me. He tweeted something like “It’s ok buddy, I’m not upset with you.”

I was so relieved. Everything solved, right? I replied and thanked him for understanding.



He deleted that tweet! It’s gone! So now the only time I’m mentioned on his timeline is the time he burned me about my inability to grasp the definition of the word “disturbed.”

What the hell Denard? That has to be some sort of breach of Twitter etiquette right? It certainly is ground to re-engage in a feud. Accept the apology long enough for me to read it, and then delete it like it never happened? Bush league. I’ll tell you one thing…we are definitely NOT buddies after this stunt.

I guess I’ll leave it alone. After all, I cannot afford to stress about my fantasy football championship and another Twitter feud in the same day. I am far too fragile for that.

But I am SO unfollowing Denard Span on Twitter now.

Take THAT punk!

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